Best strategies to OCR scanned documents for SharePoint Online

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We often get asked about the best strategies to OCR scanned documents to SharePoint Online. So to be as transparent as possible, we want to share our answers with you here.

Firstly, what is OCR? It stands for Optical Character Recognition; it’s a process used to convert images (such as scanned documents) into machine-readable documents by adding a text layer. This is hugely valuable as SharePoint indexes this text layer making the inner contents of the document searchable. This enables enterprise-wide discovery and the extraction of data when you need it.  

When deciding on the best OCR strategy for scanned documents, it boils down to two key KPIs that you’re aiming for: 

  1. Quality of the OCR results 
  2. Cost efficiency of the process 

Quality of the OCR results  

If you don’t research, there might be options that don’t hit the mark. However, with top providers such as Encodian, comparing quality is like ‘splitting hairs’ (if you’re familiar with the saying).

Look for your expected performance capabilities, such as:

  • image cleanup
  • deskew
  • despeckle
  • adjust brightness
  • adjust contrast
  • remove border
  • rotate
  • rotate confidence level
  • and similar.

Top providers will likely be using the same or similar technology engines behind the scenes that have been integrated into their solutions.  

Our advice would be to go out there and validate your results. That’s why Encodian provides free trials for Indxr and Flowr. We also offer free plans across most of our products as well!

Unfortunately, there simply is a limit to the success you can achieve with poor-quality images or handwriting. Some solutions, such as Microsoft Syntex, may yield improved results. Just note you’ll be journeying into a realm of higher costs which will need justification. So if this is a must for your OCR projects, reach out to us here. 👈

Cost efficiency of the process  

OCR is a comparatively expensive process to execute in the cloud versus other document manipulation processes such as conversion, merging, resizing and others. That’s why despite Encodian having Flowr, the market-leading document process automation Power Automate connector with the capability to Automatically OCR Documents added to a SharePoint Library, we still decided to build Indxr as well as build in native OCR capabilities in our Filer product.  

Why does Encodian offer three OCR products? 

Indxr is our flagship OCR solution for high volumes of documents. We built it purely to offer you a cost-efficient route to achieve this. We did this by designing it to run locally on a desktop, laptop or VM, which removes the need to send documents to the cloud and cuts out that additional expense. This way, we provide you with a fixed price for unlimited users and usage to OCR as many documents in SharePoint Online as you wish.  

Often the strategy for companies during a large document scanning or file migration project is to procure Indxr for a chosen period of time (a few months or a year) to overcome their initial high volume requirement. From there, you can judge if you can transition to a solution like Flowr to OCR as you go. Flowr automates the OCRing of lower volumes of documents as you upload to your SharePoint environment or when you trigger it for specific documents.  

We have helped you to reduce costs with Flowr too. Our ‘Get PDF Text Layer’ or various ‘Split’ actions can be used to first, check if a text layer already exists not to repeat the work, and then split documents if you only need to OCR specific pages to save Actions.  

Filer customers get the perk that all documents are automatically OCR’d upon ingestion. 😉 

We hope this blog gave you a helpful steer.  

We talk about OCR all the time, so if you’d like to discuss your requirements with us further, please do reach out!

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Deploy flows across SharePoint 

Make Power Automate Flows available across multiple and targeted SharePoint Online sites. This is possible via a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Extension; users can access Flows from within SharePoint Online libraries and lists. 

Convert SharePoint documents 

Convert and merge 70+ common file formats to PDF with Encodian Vertr, our cloud-hosted SharePoint Online app. Vertr is integrated into both classic and modern library experiences, enabling users to quickly convert to, merge to, watermark and secure PDF documents. 

OCR your PDF documents 

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Implementing an EDRMS for Local Government using SharePoint

SharePoint EDRM for Local Govements

Most local and regional government organisations have 1,000s of employees working across a diverse range of services and departments.  

Microsoft 365 is a prevalent platform providing core digital services covering authentication, email, chat, voice automation and document management. Many organisations are now driving consolidation to Microsoft 365 services across their IT portfolio, not only because this reduces overall IT spending but it simplifies information security and compliance with regulatory obligations.  

However, a commonplace challenge is that delivering an EDRMS which provides regulatory compliance and feature parity with a traditional EDRMS is just not achievable with Microsoft’s document management service provided by SharePoint Online out of the box. Thus, delivering consolidation and realising the associated benefits is challenging.  

We designed Filer with several public bodies specifically to tackle these challenges, enabling local and regional government organisations to implement a native Microsoft 365 / SharePoint Online EDRMS, which is highly configurable and can address the requirements of various services whilst aligning to a Cloud-first strategy.  

Filer is delivered on top of SharePoint Online. So your data resides in SharePoint Online. This ensures data management and security can be managed centrally through Microsoft 365. Furthermore, Filer’s supporting infrastructure is hosted in your Microsoft Azure tenant, allowing full compliance with data residency requirements. 

There are numerous benefits to this approach: 

  • All data stored in Microsoft 365 services 
  • Centralised data security and compliance  
  • Consistent and familiar user interface 
  • De-commissioning of on-premises infrastructure and legacy EDRMS 
  • Reduced software licence and maintenance costs 
  • Cloud-first modern technology platform 
  • Seamless integration with all Microsoft 365 services (Power Platform) 
  • Digitise paper stores and paper-centric solutions 

Filer is suited explicitly to providing digital ‘case files’ integrated with Line of Business systems (e.g. Liquid Logic). The intuitive case file viewer eases adoption and simplifies change management processes.  

Filer’s open API allows for simplified and standards-based systems integration and natively supports industry-standard document scanning technology for delivering end-to-end digital solutions. We also work with a host of scanning partners who can review, process, classify and ingest paper documents directly into Filer. 

Together with Councils / Local Authorities, we configure Filer by their Information Governance Policy and statutory and legislative requirements. We create the Information Architecture to ensure the system is configured with the correct metadata, classification structure, access types, and demographic information to suit the need of the department (e.g. Green Claims, Adults Social Care Services, Children’s Social Care Services, and more).  

To see what benefits Filer can bring or how to adopt an M365 native EDRM solution, please get in touch with us. 

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Encodian Professional Services

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Creating an Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva.

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Value-Added Services

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PowerUp Fund Offer: free analysis and design, 25% off implementation costs, free 180-day warranty service

Encodian PowerUp Fund for SharePoint and Power Platform Projects

PowerUp Fund Offer: free analysis and design, 25% off implementation costs, free 180-day warranty service

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Who are Encodian?

Encodian is an award-winning Microsoft partner specialising in SharePoint and Power Platform projects.

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  • Your project must relate to SharePoint and Power Platform solutions.

Please refer to our T&Cs for full details below.


  • This offer is available to new and existing customers.
  • This offer is available for new engagements only.
  • This offer is available between 1st January 2023 and 31st March 2023, or until the Fund has been depleted.
  • This offer applies to Professional Services Consultancy only, and excludes training.
  • This offer excludes funding of Project Management fees.
  • This offer of the free Analysis and Design phase is capped at 5 days maximum.
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How do I apply?

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The Best Standard Power Automate Connectors for 2023

A common theme throughout our blogs is the growing adoption of automation for workflow management, for obvious reasons! It’s becoming easier to use, much faster and better than ever. But that doesn’t mean it’s as accessible as it could be. Microsoft’s Power Automate alone has hundreds of connectors, so figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. But we’ve done our homework, so here is our list of the best Standard Power Automate Connectors for 2023.

SharePoint Connector

If you’re using Power Automate, you probably use SharePoint for document management. SharePoint is excellent for collaborative work, especially in this age of remote working.

SharePoint has a great list of Triggers, from When an item is created to When a File is classified by a Microsoft Syntex model, so you can be sure your automations start precisely when you want them to. Used in conjunction with many of the other Connectors in this list, the functionality this connector offers is massive. Using the SharePoint Connector is a no-brainer if you have a business process related to SharePoint.

Example use cases

  • Alert someone when a critical file has been modified
  • Create an approval workflow that doesn’t rely on a lengthy email chain
  • Move a file from one place to another

Microsoft Forms Connector

If you use Microsoft Forms to collect data, using the Microsoft Forms Connector can save you so much time by avoiding manual tasks.

Using the trigger When a new response is submitted, various processes can be sped up without human intervention.

Example use cases

  • Create notifications via email or Teams after a form submission
  • Convert and save a recipient’s responses in a PDF for easy access
  • Collate and extract data from Microsoft Forms for Excel

Outlook Connector

With over 500 million users, Outlook is one of the most utilised email systems in the world. But for many people, emails are the bane of their working lives. Automating business processes tends to mean fewer emails in your inbox for various reasons; for one, you don’t have to chase up people to do something that’s already been done automatically! But other ways can ease your Outlook usage, such as by using the trigger When a new email arrives. 

Arguably, the most efficient and effective users of email systems are those that Inbox Zero. An integral part of this is having automation doing a lot of the heavy lifting (and sorting), so you don’t have to check every time you hear that noise. This is something Power Automate can do for you with the Outlook Connector!

Example use cases

  • Save attachments from emails into specific folders
  • Set daily reminders when to check your emails
  • Block your Outlook calendar for an hour when you need some time for deep work

Approvals Connector

Approving a piece of work or a document can be an arduous process. The tricky bit isn’t usually the amendments or even creating the document itself. It’s the people admin: asking people for approvals, chasing them up, asking for notes, ensuring their notes have been taken on board, etc.

So by taking away that stress and having an efficient and consistent approval process across your company, Approvals Connector is a game changer. 

Example use cases

  • Start approval when a new file is added to a specific folder in SharePoint
  • Request manager approval for leave request
  • Start approval when a response is submitted in Microsoft Forms

OneDrive for Business Connector

Both SharePoint and OneDrive offer an online space to access files. But whilst SharePoint is generally used for document management and communication, OneDrive is a cloud storage system for creating online file backups. So if you want extra protection against data loss, OneDrive is a great way to do it. And by automating your backing-up with the OneDrive for Business Connector, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Example use case

  • Copy files between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint
  • Send specific files created in OneDrive as email attachments
  • Convert a OneDrive file to PDF using Encodian Flowr

Encodian Flowr Connector

The Encodian Flowr Connector is one of the most potent Standard Connectors on the market. So much so that many people question why it’s not a Premium Connector! With over 80 actions available, Flowr offers enhanced document and image management, including format conversion, merging, data extraction, securing, splitting, watermarking, OCR and more. So if you have an administrative task you’d like to automate, Flowr is your one-stop-shop for media manipulation.

Although household names like Sony and Heineken (to name a couple) take advantage of Flowr’s extensive functionality, it’s for more than just Enterprise-level use. Encodian is dedicated to bringing automation to the masses and making it accessible to everyone, even offering a free plan and a generous one-month free trial. So if you’re ready to supercharge Power Automate, the Encodian Flowr Connector is a must-have.

A few of Encodian Flowr’s actions:

  • Format conversion, e.g. HTML to Word
  • Merge document array to PDF
  • OCR PDF documents
  • Search and replace text
  • Populate Word Document
  • Add watermark
  • Compress images
  • Parse CSV
  • Create QR code
  • Search text – Regex

For a complete list of Flowr’s Actions, check out our Flowr product page.

👉 Start your free trial of Flowr today! 👈


If you already have the Encodian Flowr connector, you can also trial Trigr for free. Trigr is a way to centralise flow management and allows admins to push a flow to multiple SharePoint sites, libraries and lists – avoiding the one-to-one challenge with out-of-the-box Power Automate. It also makes automating so much more accessible companywide by allowing end users to trigger your flows simply by clicking a button within SharePoint.

Of course, we also use grouped actions in many of our flows: ControlVariable and Data Operation. So if you want to know more about those, keep an eye out for a future article!

Everyone has to decide which Power Automate Connectors they feel most comfortable with. But this list is a great place to start! And if you still need to use Flowr to supercharge Power Automate, why not start your free trial today?