How to merge multiple file formats to PDF in SharePoint Online

September 13th 2023
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Manually merging multiple documents with different file types and converting them to PDF is, frankly, dull and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve created Vertr to do it for you! Vertr allows you to convert between various file formats directly from SharePoint, meaning you don’t have to learn a new system or interface, as it sits on top of what you’re used to.

To ensure that you can convert and merge within SharePoint, you must have installed our conversion tool, Vertr.

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You can set up a free trial today and start using it immediately. It’s then really easy to upgrade to a paid plan to roll it out company-wide. Or if it’s just for you or a small team, we have a free plan!

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You have options if you want to find out how to merge multiple file formats into a PDF!
We have created both a step-by-step guide and a video. So you can learn in the best way that suits you.


Merge multiple files to PDF format


1. Select your documents

Vertr allows you to convert and merge multiple documents simultaneously from various file formats. No need to select them in any specific order. You can configure the order of the documents later on.

2. In your toolbar, select Convert.

You might have to click the … to see the Convert option.
Not seeing ‘Convert’? Take a look at our installation guide to ensure you’re all set up!

3. Each file is then validated

A ‘Convert Files’ pop-up will appear to take you through each step. You don’t need to do anything at this point; it will only take a few moments. Vertr validates each file to ensure you aren’t trying to convert something incompatible or an invalid identity like a Folder.

4. Click ‘Merge Files to PDF’

By selecting ‘Merge Files to PDF’, you will be given some different options.

However, if you’re looking to convert files individually, you can select which formats you need here (see below). Here’s a How-to blog on using Vertr to convert files individually.

5. Choose your Destination Library

For ease, we’re keeping the merged file we will create in the same folder as the documents we’re merging. But you can choose wherever in SharePoint you want the file generated.

6. Name your file

In the ‘Merged PDF Filename’ field, name what you want your PDF to be called.

7. Choose if you want to overwrite a file

If you have a file of the same name in the Destination Folder, your merged PDF will overwrite that file if you check the Overwrite File box. But if you uncheck the box, Vertr will automatically generate a unique name.

8. Choose if you want to Remove Markup

If you choose to remove the markup, that means that any comments or tracked changes you have made in your original files will be removed, leaving you with a clean PDF document.

9. Choose if you want your PDF to be PDF/A Compliant

Choosing PDF/A Compliant means your PDF/A file will meet the regulatory requirements. These include things like embedded fonts, text, colours and images.

10. Give your document a watermark

If you want your file to have a text watermark, you can type whatever you would like it to be into the Text field.

11. Choose how you want your watermark to be displayed

You can choose for your text watermark to be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Did you know you get access to Flowr for Power Automate with your Vertr subscription?

If you want your PDF to have an image watermark, we suggest checking out our Flowr Power Automate action – Add Image Watermark to PDF. There is even an Advanced version, so you can configure your watermark to your exact specifications. You can run this flow after your files have been merged and converted.

12. Secure your document with a password

Not every document you create will be for everyone’s eyes. That’s why adding a password s a quick way to make sure only the people who need to view your document, can. To check you have added the correct password in the Password field, you can click the eye button on the right-hand side to view what you have typed (see below).

13. Choose the order of your files

You can choose which order you want your documents to be in the merged PDF using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

14. Delete any documents (if necessary)

If you choose that you no longer need one of the documents you had originally selected, you don’t need to start the process all over again. All you need to do it click the Delete button. They will then disappear from your Selected File list (see below).

15. Click Convert to process your files!

Your files will be merged and converted into PDF in a matter of moments. You can even watch the Status change on each document (see below).

16. Your document has been processed!

You will be given a link to your document for you to check it out immediately!

17. Check out your document

If you choose to give your document a password, you will be asked for it immediately. Once you have typed it in, you can see your Merge PDF in full (see below).

18. Check your watermark

If you have chosen to have a watermark, it’s always best to check you can still read your document!

19. Make sure your Merged PDF is where you expected it to be

You now have a new PDF!

Can’t find your PDF?

Files don’t tend to go missing by themselves, so maybe you chose a different Destination Library.

We hope you’ve found this explanation helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or reach out to our support team at

Ev Luna-Rose

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