• Converting PDF Documents to Word Documents with Microsoft Flow

    Convert PDF Documents to Word Documents with Microsoft Power Automate

    Ever needed to generate a new Word document from a PDF document? Or a co-worker has deleted / lost the original source Word document? Or you receive external PDF documents you’d like to augment but don’t want to deploy PDF editing software across your estate? Our new ‘Convert PDF to Word‘ action for Microsoft Power […]

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  • Building Word Documents from Microsoft Forms Responses

    Convert Microsoft Forms Responses to Word or PDF Documents

    We’re really excited to announce that our new Power Automate action ‘Convert HTML to Word‘ is now globally available within all Microsoft Power Automate regions. The action is fairly self-explanatory as usual, it allows either a HTML file, HTML data or a URL (Results) to be converted into a Microsoft Word document! If you’re looking […]

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  • Extracting PDF form data using Microsoft Power Automate

    This step by step guide will provide an example of how to extract PDF form data in Microsoft Power Automate using Encodian’s ‘Get PDF Form Data’ action, before creating a SharePoint list item using the extracted data. Noting once you have extracted the data you can do anything with the data (Power Automate capabilities permitting), […]

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  • The html content length cannot be greater than 2 MB

    When converting HTML to PDF format using the ‘OneDrive for Business‘ connector in Power Automate there is a 2MB size limit which can be a real problem for anyone generating complex documents or where images are embedded using a Data URI within the HTML. This is a common challenge for anyone trying to capture images […]

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  • Automate SharePoint App Installation Across Multiple SharePoint Sites

    When one of our customers purchases the Encodian PDF Converter for SharePoint Online one of the first questions they ask is how do the automate the deployment of a SharePoint app to multiple sites and webs within their SharePoint Online tenancy. As this was a common requirement we’ve produced a set of PowerShell scripts to […]

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  • Guide: Publish watermarked documents from SharePoint with Microsoft Power Automate

    A common requirement we see from our customers is wanting to be able to indicate that a document is in an uncontrolled state, this could be because they want to print it for distribution or they want to send it externally of their organisation. In both cases it’s important to be able to indicate to […]

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