• Automatically convert SharePoint documents to PDF

    We’re regularly asked how to create a Flow with Power Automate to automatically convert SharePoint documents to PDF format whilst avoiding a recursive event…. so we thought it was about time we document how to do it! 1. Launch Power Automate 2. Create a new ‘Automated flow.‘ 3. Provide the following information: 3.a. Flow name: Enter […]

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  • Prevent users needing to enter an API Key in Power Automate

    Prevent API Key prompts in Power Automate for SharePoint Flows

    Don’t worry, we’ve got you! This post will prevent users from needing to enter an API Key in Power Automate for SharePoint Flows. We receive lots of support calls where users have created a Flow associated with a SharePoint document library or a Flow related to a PowerApp, which they have then shared with their […]

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  • New Power Automate Action: Add to Archive (ZIP)

    We’re really excited to release another new Power Automate action for the Encodian Power Automate Connector! The ‘Add to Archive (ZIP)‘ action enables you to add one or more files to an archive package (.zip file), very cool! Please follow this guide which details how to retrieve a collection of documents from a SharePoint library, […]

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  • Automatically OCR PDF Documents

    Automatically OCR PDF Documents added to a SharePoint Library

    Wanting to know how to OCR PDFs as they are added to SharePoint automatically? The Encodian connector provides an OCR action named ‘OCR a PDF Document‘ which checks a PDF document for the presence of a text layer and if one isn’t present it will perform OCR and add the text layer to the PDF […]

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  • Encodian API Key

    Get an Encodian API Key for Microsoft Power Automate

    In this blog post we will be talking all things API! Want to know what one is? We’ve got you. Need to know how to get our Encodian API Key? Just keep reading! What is an API key? An API key is a string of characters that is used to identify your application or device. […]

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  • Build a proposal document dynamically using SharePoint and Flow

    Build a proposal document dynamically using SharePoint and Power Automate

    We’ve been working with a few customers recently, helping them create solutions that dynamically build documents based on user-defined selections within an application. So that’s why we’ve written this article all about building a proposal document with SharePoint and Power Automate. Scenario This blog post is focused on the following simple scenario: A SharePoint list […]

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