• Create and insert a document approval sheet using PowerAutomate Approval data

    Many organisations include a document approval sheet in the document either at the start or end of the document. Using this approach requires the user to manually update the approval table which is difficult to manage especially when using an automated approval process to generate an approved version of the document, i.e. you can’t change […]

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  • Compress, Resize then Convert Image to DataUri in Power Automate

    A customer recently asked us how to compress, resize and then convert an Image into a DataUri for inclusion in an HTML document for conversion to PDF format… and we thought that is a great use case for a quick blog post! For this example, we’ll use a manual trigger action before retrieving the source […]

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  • Errors processing Document Arrays

    Errors processing Document Arrays

    We provide a number of actions which operate on an array of documents such as merging and adding to a ZIP file. As per the articles on our support site and on this blog; to perform an action on a collection of documents you need to build an array of documents in JSON format, for […]

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  • Automatically convert SharePoint documents to PDF

    We’re very regularly asked how to create a Flow with Power Automate to automatically documents added to a SharePoint document library to PDF format whilst avoiding a recursive event…. so we thought it was about time we document how to do it! 1. Launch Power Automate – https://powerautomate.microsoft.com 2. Create a new ‘Automated flow‘ 3. Provide […]

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  • Prevent users needing to enter an API Key in Power Automate

    Prevent API Key prompts in Power Automate for SharePoint Flows

    We receive lots of support calls where users have created a Flow associated to a SharePoint document library or a Flow associated with a PowerApp which they have then shared with their team or organisation… however, each user accessing the Flow is prompted to enter an API Key for an action for which the connector […]

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  • New Power Automate Action: Add to Archive (ZIP)

    We’re really excited to release another new Power Automate action for the Encodian Power Automate Connector! The ‘Add to Archive (ZIP)‘ action enables you to add one or more files to an archive package (.zip file), very cool! Please follow this guide which details how to retrieve a collection of documents from a SharePoint library, […]

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