Trigr? What's that?!

September 20th 2022
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So, what’s Trigr? 

Trigr is a revolutionary new tool to save your team time through automations accessed directly from SharePoint.
The clever thing is that with Trigr, you only need to deploy one Power Automate Flow per automation for all your SharePoint libraries and lists.

How does Trigr deploy Flows to SharePoint? 

To deploy Flows across your SharePoint estate, all you need to do is follow three easy steps. 

Create a Power Automate flow

Step 1. Create a Power Automate Flow 

You do this the same way as you usually would, with one exception, when choosing your Flow’s trigger, you select Encodian’s “Trigr”! See where we got the name from?
Dynamic data is passed through Trigr and is useable in your Flow, giving you endless possibilities! 


Add a new Trigr in the admin portal

Step 2. Add and configure a Trigr in the Encodian Admin Portal 

Here you can manage all your Trigrs. Enable/disable them for use or edit/delete them through our simple interface. You can also configure the title, description and run message displayed to the end users. 


Configure and deploy your flow

Step 3. Deploy your Flow 

Select where you want to deploy your Flow, which SharePoint sites and whether to target libraries or lists or both! All you need to do now is click Create
Your users can then access your automations without ever seeing Power Automate. 

How do my users access my Flows? 

In their familiar SharePoint interface, users select as many documents as they’d like and access your automations by simply clicking the Actions button in their SharePoint command bar. They can choose from any Flows you’ve given them access to by clicking Start, which will trigger the selected Flow. 

What’s the downside? 

Well, the downside is that your team will get so used to using automations that manual tasks will be a thing of the past. Strictly, it’s not a downside, but there must be people out there who love manual tasks. 


But if you’re not one of those people, ⚡️ start your 30-day free trial today


Eva Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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