Microsoft 365 for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Not-for-Profit organisations are beginning to discover the value Power Automate, Power Apps and SharePoint can bring to them by modernising their manual processes.

  • Power Platform

    Microsoft 365 & Encodian Flowr

    NFP operations can involve large volumes of paperwork, multi-level approvals, compliance and multiple touchpoints with Donors and other stakeholders. Eliminate repetitive tasks quickly and easily with Power Automate, Power Apps & Encodian Flowr.

  • SharePoint

    Microsoft 365 & Encodian Filer

    NFPs must apply rigour to data compliance and security. This is challenging when data is stored in a plethora of places such as SharePoint, Emails, Paper, CRM and other systems. Encodian Filer helps you centralise and retrieve documents with one click.

Not-For-Profit Organisations we already serve

How we help?

  • Supporting Raiser's Edge Customers

    Following necessary changes to how Raiser's Edge users access Microsoft Office integrations within Blackbaud Hosting Services. Encodian, in partnership with Blackbaud is here to assist Raiser's Edge Customers in maximising their value from the Power Platform. We will continue to support the community to benefit from native Power Automate and Power Apps functionality included in your Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

  • Power Platform Consultancy

    We are one of Microsoft's global leaders for the delivery of Power Automate, Power App and Power BI solutions. Our expertise has helped Not-for-Profit organisations replace a wide range of repetitive tasks such as acknowledgement letters, pre-populating pledge installment reminders, daily notifications and more with customisable workflows tailored to suit them.

  • Supporting Citizen Developers

    Our accredited team provides expert support to help build your confidence in becoming a Citizen Developer who is able to realise the full benefit of No-code functionality provided to you within Power Automate and Power Apps. Whether it's the co-creation of businesses processes, delivering and creating training materials or taking on the more complex tasks for you. We will be with you at the start, until the end of your Microsoft 365 journey.

  • Bespoke Application Experts

    As a software company, when No-code and native Microsoft 365 functionality won't suffice for those truly aspirational projects, we can provide product grade bespoke applications built on latest generation technologies and cloud platforms. Tailoring a solution to address your explicit requirements whilst benefiting from our agile and continuous improvement delivery approach.


Enhance your Power Automate and SharePoint capabilities

Encodian’s Flowr and Filer products complement and enhance Microsoft 365 capabilities enabling you to deliver increased benefits from your existing technology investment through intelligent automation and information management experiences.

  • Encodian Flowr

    for Microsoft Power Automate and Azure logic apps

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    Encodian Flowr

    Encodian’s Power Automate connector ‘Flowr’ is used by Not-for-Profit Organisations to deliver additional value-add automation capabilities outside of Microsoft 365's native functionality. Benefit from the automation of merged documents, document conversion, watermarking, redaction, image optimisation, advanced notifications and more.

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  • Encodian Filer

    for Microsoft 365

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    Encodian Filer

    Encodian 'Filer' enables Not-for-Profit Organisations to connect documents, records and other key information which was previously disjointed, into a single source Electronic Document Management & Record Management System. Enabling users to search, locate and interact with all information relating to their task in one-single view. Our experts will work with you to ensure your organisation benefits from best practice data storage approaches, to drive your productivity and ensure compliance so you can spend more time focused on your mission statement.

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