Microsoft 365 for Public Sector

Eliminate administrative tasks and data silos across a multitude of existing business critical systems while adhering to the highest level of data security and compliance.

  • Power Platform

    Microsoft 365 & Encodian Flowr

    Take Power Automate one step further with additional enterprise grade and simple to use features to deliver advanced automations such as format conversion, merging, OCR, redaction, watermarking and more.

  • SharePoint

    Microsoft 365 & Encodian Filer

    Simplify your user experience by enabling the ability to search, locate and engage with documents not only from SharePoint but all third party systems. Meanwhile, maintain total control of security and compliance.

Public Sector customers who trust in Encodian products

How we help?

  • Power Platform

    We are one of Microsoft's global leaders for the delivery of Power Automate, Power App and Power BI solutions. We have extensive experience in the public sector and have successfully delivered hundreds of no/low code applications spanning a wide range of use-cases covering simple data capture requirements to complex business critical integrated applications.

  • SharePoint based EDRMS

    We understand the Public Sector must adhere to stringent data policies and hence recommend Microsoft 365. We can help you deliver market leading SharePoint solutions with native Microsoft 365 capabilities, or deliver a fully functional Electronic Document & Record Management Solution using Encodian Filer. The first to market turnkey solution built for SharePoint.

  • Data Security and Compliance

    As informatic experts we have a deep understanding of how to help Public Sector organisations ensure the highest-levels of Data Security and Compliance. We leverage Microsoft 365 and Azure's market leading capabilities to assure your data is secure. We continually invest in our employees, review data policies to ensure we are compliant with international standards such as ISO27001 to give our customers confidence.

  • Microsoft 365 Consultancy & ISV

    Encodian are a unique partner who offer Microsoft 365 products, consultancy, support and custom development. We help you maximise benefits from native functionality, deploy simple turnkey solutions for advanced options or even develop bespoke enterprise grade applications for those truly aspirational requirements. No matter your needs, we can support you.


Enhance your Power Automate and SharePoint capabilities

Encodian’s Flowr, Vertr and Filer products complement and enhance Microsoft 365 capabilities enabling you to deliver increased benefits from your existing technology investment through intelligent automation and information management experiences.

  • Encodian Flowr

    for Microsoft Power Automate and Azure logic apps

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    Encodian Flowr

    Encodian’s Power Automate connector ‘Flowr' is trusted by thousands of Public Sector organisations to deliver value-add automation functionality such as advanced redaction, document generation, format conversion, image optimisation, QR codes, automated notifications and more.

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  • Encodian Vertr

    for Microsoft SharePoint Online

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    Encodian Vertr

    Encodian 'Vertr' is a simple to use SharePoint application that enables uses users a one-click interface to merge, watermark and convert documents into PDF and other formats. With advanced options to copy permissions, metadata or apply encryption.

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  • Encodian Filer

    for Microsoft 365

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    Encodian Filer

    Encodian 'Filer' enables Public Sector organisations to deliver an end-to-end Electronic Document Management & Record Management System that is fully integrated into the existing system landscape. Our experts will work with you to ensure your organisation benefits from best practice data storage approaches, enabling intuitive 'entity' assigned document management delivery efficiency, compliance and an enhanced tenant experience.

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