ChatGPT for your Microsoft 365 data

  • Use the latest OpenAI models
  • Data never leaves your Azure
  • Ingest your Microsoft 365 data
  • Full auditing capabilities
  • Significant cost savings vs Copilot
  • Branded for your organisation

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Not at this time, the process for deploying AskAI currently requires our technical team to support you through a simple process. Please contact us today for guidance.

AskAI is installed into your Azure environment where our engineers would require ring-fenced access to complete the installation for you which typically takes no longer 2-4 hours. If your organisation requires a “hands-free” implementation; please contact us to discuss your requirement.

We offer free implementation with any 12-month purchase with at least 25 users. For orders not meeting this pre-requisite, please contact us today for a quote.

There are no minimum commitment terms, however, we recommend a 12-month subscription with at least 25 users to benefit from a free implementation.

You can cancel or downgrade at anytime and the cancellation will become effective before your next billing date.

Data privacy and trust is our key priority and is taken very seriously. AskAI is installed directly into your Azure tenant and therefore respects all data security and data privacy controls configured. Avoiding the potential for your for your data to contribute to the training of open-source AI / LLM models.

Chatr is implemented directly into your Microsoft Azure Tenant and hence all security and data storage controls applied in your environment will apply to your implementation of AskAI.

If you’re in the UK:

Your invoice will provide you with two accepted payment methods; card payment or bank transfer. Our bank details will be provided on the invoice.

If you’re not in the UK:

Your invoice will provide you with two accepted payment methods; card payment or bank transfer. If you would like to pay by international transfer (wire transfer), you will require our account name, IBAN and BIC number/codes. For US customers, you may require a W-8 form from us. For any of the above information, please email

Need to consolidate your documents onto SharePoint Online?

To unlock the power of Microsoft AI securely, it is an essential prerequisite to consolidate your data onto Microsoft 365. Filer is your enterprise grade document management system built for SharePoint Online.