Generate secure passwords in Power Automate

September 21st 2023
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Post #7 of our Build Flows Faster series covers our new Utility actions for Power Automate. We will publish many more posts and accompanying videos over the coming weeks, but today’s lesson is about generating secure passwords in Power Automate.

Our utility actions are targeted at helping you build flows more quickly with less complexity, and they brilliantly only use 0.05 actions from your Encodian Flowr and Vertr subscription allowance. For example, under a standard plan that permits 500 actions per month (uses), you could use the utility actions 10,000 times!

Introducing the ‘Generate Password’ Utility Action

The ‘Generate Password‘ utility action generates crypto-graphically secure passwords whilst allowing you to control the password length and the types of characters used to generate the password.

Video Guide: Generate secure passwords in Power Automate

Instructions: Generate secure passwords in Power Automate

Given there are myriad of scenarios which would require the generation of a secure password, we’ll focus on how the ‘Generate Password‘ utility actions works as opposed to a specific scenario. Consider the following basic manually triggered flow, which we’ll add the ‘Generate Password‘ utility action to.

1. Add the ‘Utility – Generate Password‘ utility action to the flow

2. Configure the ‘Utility – Generate Password‘ utility action as required

Note: Explicit characters can be excluded from the password by adding the character to the ‘Exclude Characters’ text property.

As a very basic example I will send the secure password as a mobile notification, noting the ‘Result‘ dynamic property provided by the Encodian ‘Utility – Generate Password‘ utility action and which contains the generated the password value, can be passed to any action within Power Automate.

3. Add the ‘Send me a mobile notification‘ action

3.a. Text: Select the ‘Result‘ property provided by Encodian ‘Utility – Generate Password‘ utility action

Upon executing the flow, I will receive a notification on my mobile device containing the secure password generated:

If you require further advice or support regarding Encodian utility actions, please email our support team at where the team would be delighted to help.

Jay Goodison

Managing Director

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