You're deploying flows to SharePoint completely wrong.

September 15th 2022
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Do you know what most Power Automate experts say is their biggest issue when deploying Flows to SharePoint? Having to make a new damn Flow for every single SharePoint site. Even if it’s the exact same Flow… 

Do you know what’s even worse than making a new Flow for each site? Maintaining them all.
The average Power Automate specialist spends almost 5 hours a week deploying and maintaining Flows to SharePoint. That’s over 250 hours a year.  

They literally spend more time with this monotonous task than they would with their own children. (Office of National Statistics) 

That’s why we’ve created Trigr. 

Gone are the days you have to spend hours replicating your work.
Gone are the days you have to implement workarounds to save yourself a little time.
Save your team DAYS with Trigr. 

So what is Trigr? 

Trigr is the simplest way to deploy Power Automate Flows across your entire SharePoint estate. Instead of wasting your time dealing with duplicated Flows for each site, with Trigr, you only need one.

Your Trigr Flows appear in your Encodian account portal. You then name your Flow, give it a description, and select who’ll have access and where you want to deploy it. That’s it! Your users can then start using your Flows without ever seeing Power Automate.    

That’s one of the reasons why your users will love Trigr, they access your automations by clicking a button in their SharePoint command bar. They can also select as many documents as they’d like as they choose from any Flows you’ve given them access to. Because they’re in a familiar and friendly environment, they’re much more likely to use your automations so you can see the greatest return on investment.  

Ready to deploy flows to SharePoint?

So, save not only your company time but your own. 
Get back to the fun part of your job, ⚡️ start your free trial today. 

Eva Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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