Simple instructions to try out simple Encodian actions

November 15th 2022
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Want to learn more about Flowr actions to get the most out of your subscription? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together these simple instructions so you can create an easy flow to test our simpler actions! Ready to try out Encodian Actions? Let’s get creating…

Create your flow

1. Starting in your Power Automate portal, we select My flows, then New flow. The flow we will be creating is an instant cloud flow.

2. Name the flow whatever you want, select Manually trigger a flow and then create.

3. In the Manual trigger, choose File and Text to get the file we want to process and add the file name.

4. Click the + or + New step to add an Encodian action.

5a. To choose from a list of Encodian actions, search Encodian and select the Encodian icon.

5b. The Encodian action we will use for this example is Convert to PDF, but there is a long list you can try out! To follow this example, type and select it to add the action to your flow. (Note: you are asked for an API key, you will need to register to a free account)

6a. Add your dynamic content by selecting File Name and File Content. The file name is the name of the file with its file extension, for example, test.docx

7a. Here you will add the File content, which passes the base64 content of the file that the action needs to process.

7b. The PDF name can be anything you like, but it must end with a .pdf file extension.

8. Choose an operation for your action to process the file in the Cloud. We’ll use Outlook’s Send an email (V2) action for this example.

9. Once selected, enter your email and fill in any relevant fields required.

10. Then click Show advanced options to add the Encodian Dynamic content: File Name and File Content. And hey, you’ve made your first 3 step flow!


Your simple flow



Test your flow

1. Now it is time to save and test it! On the top right of the browser, select Save and then Test.

2. Select Manually Test Flow and then click the big, blue Test button.

3. Allow permissions to get to the next stage.

4. Once the file options are open, you can import any file from your computer and Import it for the File Content. Then copy and paste the document name into the File Name field.

5. Ready? Select Run Flow!


Congratulations! Your flow works, and you will receive an email with the converted file.

Now that you have a basic understanding of using Encodian actions, you can start playing.

Instead of sending an email, why not swap this action for Create File and choose a location? Or instead of converting a document to a PDF, use OCR a PDF Document. Get ready to get lost in a world of trying Encodian actions in loads of different ways!


This method can be applied to other actions for testing and debugging. But if you want more inspiration for how you could be using Flowr, check out our Encodian how-to blog posts.

Roy Simmons

Power Platform Consultant

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