• Remove or Flatten PDF Document Annotations with Power Automate

    We’ve had several support queries over the past few months asking whether we provide a solution for removing annotations from a PDF Document, and we do but it perhaps not an obvious action which provides this capability! Reference: Compress PDF The ‘Compress PDF‘ action provides several configuration options covering image quality and resolution, object removal, […]

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  • Error: The input size is too large. Please make sure the size is less than 10MB.

    The Microsoft Word Online (Business) Connector for Microsoft Power Automate enables you to generate documents using data from any location Power Automate can access, excellent! However, there are several limitations and none more frustrating than the 10MB request size limit which generates the following error message: {"Error":"The input size is too large. Please make sure […]

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  • Add Watermarks to Microsoft Word Documents with Power Automate

    Our team have been working hard over the past few months to build and release a range of new actions for Encodian Flowr, our Power Automate Connector. The first two new actions released introduce the capabilities to add both text and image watermarks to Microsoft Word documents. This post provides a basic guide for using […]

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  • How to add a file to a Power Automate variable

    It’s a fairly common requirement to store a file within a Power Automate variable and typically this occurs where you have conditional logic which will transform a file. Consider the following flow: This flow doesn’t work! A simple fix would be to duplicate the ‘Create file’ action within each branch of the condition however, whilst […]

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  • Merge Word Document Content with Power Automate and Encodian

    Merging Word Document Content with Power Automate

    The Encodian Flowr Power Automate connector provides the Merge Word Documents action which allows you to merge up to 1000 Microsoft Word documents into a single word document. Customers who use this action sometimes ask whether it is possible to not only merge the word documents but also merge the actual content within the documents, […]

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  • Convert a Data URI to Base64 or 'File Contents' in Power Automate

    Convert a Data URI to Base64 or ‘File Contents’ in Power Automate

    We’ve had a number of support queries recently reporting errors processing requests which have stemmed from documents being passed as a Data URI as opposed to a base64 string or Power Automate ‘File Content’ property. To start lets clarify the differences between a Data URI and a base64 value. Base64 is an encoding mechanism and […]

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