Automated OCR for SharePoint

  • Free analysis tool
  • OCR PDFs in SharePoint
  • Automate with task scheduler

How Indxr Works

Target libraries or individual folders

Perform OCR of PDF files at SharePoint document library or individual folder level, saving the resulting PDF in either the same or a different library.

Overwrite or pre-fix new files

Overwrite the source file during processing or pre-fix the new file with configurable text.

Copy metadata

Copy the SharePoint metadata stored against your source PDF files to the target file during processing.

Replicate file permissions

Replicate any unique file permissions to the target file once OCR is complete.

Force OCR

Ensure all documents have a text layer added, regardless of whether a text layer already exists on the file.

Free and Unlimited Searchability Audits

Discover how many of your SharePoint PDFs aren’t searchable because they’re missing a text layer.

  • FREE: A tool you can use completely for free, available for everyone to use
  • UNLIMITED: Run unlimited audits to check your PDF searchability
  • CONFIGURABLE: Audit specific libraries and folders or your entire SharePoint site

What can Indxr do?

Bulk OCR

Bulk OCR your SharePoint PDFs. You can choose specific libraries and folders, copy metadata and permissions, and more!

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Automated Executions

Save your organisation time by setting up an OCR configuration and scheduling its executions with Task Manager.

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Audits & Reporting

Limitlessly audit your SharePoint PDFs to find non-searchable documents for OCR, track progress during the run, and export results upon completion.

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Encodian Indxr is licenced by an annual or monthly subscription, providing unlimited users, unlimited instances & unlimited cores for your bulk OCR-needs!



$499 / month



$2,999 / year



€449 / month



€2,799 / year



£399 / month



£2,499 / year


*Please note that pages will be watermarked on the Free Plan

Analysis & Reporting

Discover how many of your SharePoint PDFs are OCRed

Unlimited Usage

There are no limitations on the number of users, installations or compute resources (CPU/RAM) utilised.

Automated Execution

Set up automations to trigger Indxr to OCR SharePoint PDFs

Advanced Features

Perform automated image clean-up operations, copy SharePoint permissions and metadata, and more!

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Useful blogs

A list of blogs to help you learn more about OCR and Indxr.

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All of our documentation is on our support site.

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We offer a free and a paid plan. The free plan offers unlimited analysis of your SharePoint estate (identifying how many PDFs/images are OCRd and how many are not searchable) amd unlimited OCR however with a watermark applied. The paid plan offers unlimited analysis, unlimited OCR for an unlimited number of users and unlimited number of installed instances.

Please refer to our Indxr Installation support article.

Please refer to our Indxr Guidance support article.

Please log into your Encodian account portal to manage your Indxr trial, API key, subscription and other details.

If you’re in the UK:

Your invoice will provide you with two accepted payment methods; card payment or bank transfer. Our bank details will be provided on the invoice.

If you’re not in the UK:

Your invoice will provide you with two accepted payment methods; card payment or bank transfer. If you would like to pay by international transfer (wire transfer), you will require our account name, IBAN and BIC number/codes. For US customers, you may require a W-8 form from us. For any of the above information, please email

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