Flowr: Enterprise Subscription 

August 8th 2022
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Whether you need more actions or need to choose a specific Microsoft Azure Datacentre, an Enterprise subscription has you covered. 

With up to 12,000 actions a month, you can OCR PDFs, convert Word Documents to PDFs and resize images (and so much more) to your heart’s content. But the most crucial part for many of our customers is, as with almost all our subscriptions, that they can choose specific geolocation for processing their data. Encodian operates at Microsoft Datacentres in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Australia, but if you need one elsewhere, we can set one up in just two weeks!  

Why would a company care where its data is processed? 

Some exceptionally highly regulated companies must ensure their data never leaves the country. So, if they choose an Enterprise plan, they can ensure that their actions are only ever processed at a specific Datacentre. 

How safe is my data? 

We solely use Microsoft Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service), which means your data never leaves a Microsoft Datacentre and is governed by Azure security throughout the entire process lifecycle. 

How does Encodian keep my data safe? 

  • We never store your processed data – we count actions. 
  • We use an API to immediately and permanently delete your data as soon as it’s been processed. 
  • We are ISO 27001 certified and work by the best practices in the industry. 

So, you know that working with an Encodian connector, you are as safe as when you work within your own Microsoft Azure environment. For a more in-depth look into data processing, check out our Data Security and Data Privacy article on our support network or our Data Processing Agreement. 

So, what’s my data’s journey? 

When you trigger a Flowr action within Power Automate, your data is encrypted and sent to the Microsoft Azure Datacentre of your choice (be it the UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Switzerland or Australia). From there, your action will be processed and your data wiped, so Encodian never sees any of it, then it’s re-encrypted and sent back to you. 

It’s that simple! However, if you need your data to remain within your infrastructure, you will require a Dedicated subscription. 

What do I get with an Enterprise subscription? 

Not 100% sure what an action is, don’t worry! We have a video for that. 

How much does an Enterprise plan cost? 

$ USD: $5,499 a year or $549 a month
£ GBP: £4,499 a year or £449 a month
€ EUR: €4,999 a year or €499 a month  

Need more than 12,000 actions a month? There is no upper limit, and we can offer custom pricing to meet your requirements.
We hope that clears everything up for you about the Enterprise subscription, but if you want to know more, why not 💬 chat with Dan, our Sales Director? 


Ev Luna-Rose

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