Flowr: Dedicated Subscription 

August 10th 2022
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Our Dedicated plan is designed to serve the specific requirement of data never leaving a company’s Microsoft tenant. How do we do that? We install the Encodian connector (Flowr), API and services directly into your Azure Tenant, so it never leaves your infrastructure.  

Many companies choose this because it alleviates any of their data privacy and security concerns when working with highly sensitive or regulated workloads. 

How is Flowr installed into your Azure Tenant? 

Once your subscription order has been confirmed, our Encodian engineers will reach out to organise your installation. We will walk you through giving us ‘ring fenced’ access to your tenant to ensure that we only have access to the section we need. 

We then install Flowr and carry out testing. Once we, but more importantly, you are happy, remove our access to your environment and voila! You’re ready to get going. 

We’ll take care of everything from start to finish, and it’ll only take half a day to install. We can also return twice a year to update your connector with new features so you can get the most out of your subscription. 

How we keep your data safe 

  • Your data is encrypted whenever it is in transit or at rest by using 256-bit AES encryption.  
  • We have current SHA-256 and RSA Encryption Certificates for all API (Application Programming Interface) services. 
  • All our API services use TLS1.2 as a minimum and enforce the HTTPS protocol. 
  • We never store your processed data – we just count actions. 
  • We use an API to immediately and permanently delete your data as soon as it’s been processed. 
  • We are ISO 27001 certified and work by the best practices in the industry. 

For a more in-depth look into data processing, check out our Data Security and Data Privacy article on our support network or our Data Processing Agreement. 

What do you get with a Dedicated subscription? 

  • 18,000 actions a month 
  • Flowr installed directly into your Azure Environment 

Not 100% sure what an action is, don’t worry! We have a video for that. 

Need more than 18,000 actions a month? There is no upper limit, and we can offer custom pricing to meet your requirements. 

How much does a Dedicated plan cost? 

$ USD: $10999 a year
£ GBP: £9999 a year
€ EUR: €9999 a year 

All costs include installation. 


We hope that clears everything up for you about the Dedicated subscription, but if you want to know more, why not 💬 chat with Dan, our Sales Director!

Ev Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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