Flowr: Dedicated Plan Installation 

August 24th 2022
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Stringent data requirements are becoming more of a priority as we spend more time in the digital world and learn about IT Security.
Companies who maintain the strictest of standards when it comes to their data, turn to our Flowr Dedicated Plan.

Being installed into their own Microsoft Azure Tenant, our Dedicated customers can use Flowr to their hearts’ content without worrying about security. We also offer two free feature updates a year so that you can access the same features as all of our other Plans. 

How do you install Flowr? 

A Dedicated Connector is a perfect copy of Encodian’s connector deployed into your Azure Environment for most customers. 

We never use VMs, and we use the following Azure PaaS services: 

  • 1 or 2 x App Service Plan (P1V3 Recommended)  
  • 1 x Azure App Service  
  • 3 x Azure Function App  
  • 1 x Azure Storage Account  
  • 1 x SQL Database (Standard / 50 DTU’s)  
  • 1 x App Insights  

Note: The above is a base configuration which may change based on your usage profile. Exceptionally high or low usage profiles and the types of actions you will predominantly use may affect the recommended resources.    

How long does the installation process take?   

Our in-house team handles installations, typically taking 2 to 4 hours to complete.  

Our expected lead time for scheduling a Dedicated Connector installation is 3-weeks from the confirmed order. If your project is time sensitive, please make us aware. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.   

What are the steps involved in the installation process?  

A typical engagement to install a Dedicated Connector would be as follows:   

  1. Order is received.  
  2. Our operations team will contact you to arrange an initial discussion regarding the installation and confirm pre-requisite information covering Azure access.  
  3. We will agree on the required resources profile and deployment plan specific to your requirements.   
  4. We will arrange a date for the installation which will be the most suitable and cause the least disruption.  
  5. We take responsibility for installing Flowr in your Azure environment (2 to 4 hours). 
  6. Once installation and testing are completed, we will notify you, and you can remove Encodian access to your environment.  
  7. We will contact you to confirm successful completion and close the project.  


Can we install this ourselves? 

Unfortunately not, there are multiple components to the process. Some of these could involve direct access to our source code, and we’ve assessed there is too much risk involved to Encodian. 

Do you have local resellers who can carry out the installation? 

Please see above. 

Can we purchase more than two updates per year? 

Yes, you can purchase additional updates above the inclusive x2 per year at £500 / $600 / €575   

Do you do additional updates if there is an IT Security or Infrastructure update? 

Yes, if there is a bug or technical issue, we will provide updates for free.  

Can you share technical design information?  

Take a look at our handy infographic for a breakdown of the technical side of things! 

Installation into your Azure Tenant


We hope this provides a basic understanding of the Dedicated Connector installation process.  

Don’t hesitate to contact sales@encodian.com to organise a discovery call with our technical wizards for any specific information regarding your organisation.   

Eva Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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