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August 18th 2022
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Here at Encodian, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to work somewhere they love, in a role they feel supported and valued.  

Almost half (48%) of unemployed people want to work but cannot find suitable employment opportunities (StudyFinds); however, only 17% of companies say they would employ someone with a disability if one applied for an open position (People Management). And that to us is just ridiculous! We want to be part of changing this statistic by actively encouraging applications from people with disabilities and making sure they feel welcome in the workplace. 

We are proud to be part of the Disability Confident Scheme as a Committed Employer.   

What is the Disability Confident Scheme?

The Disability Confident Scheme is a government initiative which aims to help employers understand and embrace disability in their workplace. It aims to help employers become more aware of their responsibilities towards disabled workers and improve their ability to recruit and retain them by: 

  • Increasing the visibility and awareness of disability in the workplace; 
  • Improving employer knowledge and skills; 
  • Reducing barriers to recruitment and progression; 
  • Improving employee engagement; and 
  • Supporting good practice across supply chains.

What does Disability Confident Committed mean?

When joining the scheme, there are commitments that employers must make to ensure that they are compliant. So, by signing, we are dedicated to the following: 

  • Ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible 
  • Communicating and promoting vacancies 
  • Offering an interview to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for the job 
  • Anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments as required 
  • Supporting any existing employee who acquires a disability or long-term health condition, enabling them to stay at work. 

Why have we signed up for the scheme?

The scheme aims to change attitudes toward disability so employers view it as an asset rather than a disadvantage. Whenever you open up discussions to include people from marginalised communities, you get a whole new perspective, which means progress and innovation.

It’s so important to allow others a place to breathe and express their views, especially if they come from a different background. Everyone deserves to be heard, and it’s not just about giving the floor to marginalised communities but also about listening to them. We want our business to reflect the world around us, and by signing up for this scheme, we hope that by doing so, we can help make positive change happen. 

For example, the pandemic that affected the world’s remote working policies was an apparent response to a crisis. Still, with many employers wanting to get back into the office, we’re sticking with remote work. 

Many companies and individuals have embraced the idea of a more flexible working environment for multiple reasons. Still, few employers expected that it’s an excellent way for disabled people to get into work. Because for some, working from home is the only option. By supporting our employees in their own homes, we can ensure that they can work around their own needs, which feeds into our core value: People before profits. 


Encodian believes people deserve opportunities no matter who they are or how their bodies work. So, we are thrilled that we have been recognised as a Disability Confident Committed Employer because we truly are dedicated to creating an inclusive working environment for all employees.  

Think your employer could do more for people with disabilities?
Find out more about the Disability Confident scheme.

Eva Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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