7 quick reasons why being ISO 27001 certified will boost your growth

September 1st 2022
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For anyone staring at the screen and wondering: what is ISO 27001? It is simply a measure of how a company handles and protects the security of its sensitive information. Pretty simple!

Getting your ISO 27001 certification doesn’t have to be scary or complicated, trust us. With it being the best way to show your customers that their data is 100% safe, it’s a no-brainer! So, here are seven reasons why ISO 27001 will help you and your client’s company grow. Make sure you don’t miss the bonus reason: why it’ll be easier than you think.

1. ISO 27001 internationally recognised

ISO/IEC 27001 is a globally recognised way of showing that your organisation takes their cyber security seriously. Because the ISO 27001 standard is supported worldwide means there isn’t any language barrier or cultural differences to deal with.
In recent years, it has become the benchmark of security management across any industry. An information security management system (ISMS) is a win, but an instantly recognisable certificate that proves you follow best practices is even better.

2. It improves your business processes

ISO 27001 helps you to find and secure your information assets, including people, processes and technology, and business leaders want to know that they’re working with efficient companies (Harvard Business Review); it basically offers a set framework as step-by-step jumping-off point.
By investing in a standard like ISO 27001, you can access improved transparency and confidence on your side. You also streamline your operations and ensure your processes are mapped out and set up. The balance between your cost/performance ratio and risk mitigation is also assured. So, the bottom line is that ISO 27001 helps you grow your business faster by focusing on efficiency and productivity.

3. It helps you follow data protection laws

Let’s be clear, cyber security is a hot topic. And managing information security should be at the forefront of most companies’ minds. Using the ISO 27001 standard framework, you can ensure that what you’re doing meets the requirements for GDPR and even CCPA.

4. It’s scalable

ISO 27001 can be used by any organisation regardless of size, type, or industry. You could choose to run internal audits to see how everyone is getting on with the new system. Or you could simply choose wait for your annual compliance check and feedback. Either way, your company will be on a journey of continual improvement. Ensuring you have processes that structure your business creates the foundations of growth. The entire ISO 27001 process helps you understand the vital controls necessary in a data security management system. It gives you confidence that your information is secure, mitigates the effects of regulatory fines, audits and financial penalties and supplies a solid foundation for business growth.

5. It makes your customers feel safe

ISO 27001 ensures you have adequate and transparent security controls in place – this makes customers feel safer, meaning they are much more likely to do business with you. Confidentiality integrity is high on a company’s priority list when looking for partners. By flashing your ISO 27001 certificate, you can prove that you take information security risks seriously.

6. You’re going to be asked about it

ISO 27001 Information Security Management is increasingly requested by organisations looking for a secure supply chain. Supplier relationships don’t happen overnight; at some point, you will probably receive a questionnaire about your data security. More organisations opt for a checkbox to click if you have your ISO 27001 certification. That way, you can save loads of time not having to answer dozens of questions about your processes and ensure you have the competitive edge you need in the current business landscape.

7. It’ll improve your company’s reputation

Reputation is the name of the game. Showing that you have ISO 27001 compliance can secure your business reputation as a safe place for online and offline data. You have to compete for your prospective partner’s attention constantly, and with so much noise out there, credibility can cut through it with a simple: don’t worry, we’re safe! (Harvard Business Review)

BONUS: Why will it be easier than you think

With Microsoft 365’s market share in 2021 at nearly 50% (Statistica), you probably already use what would be considered the market-leading platform to start your ISO 27001 journey. Through your M365 licence, you have access to SharePoint, Power Automate and PowerApps, three systems that can kick start your growth by understanding what they do and using them correctly.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Encodian wants to help you get the most out of a system you’re already paying for, so we work with you to figure out how to use what you already have. It saves you time, money and resources.

Compliance requires a comprehensive approach to information security and provides reassurance to customers about the safety of their information. It’s not a small task, but we can make it easier for you. Having a robust document management system that swaps your painful manual processes for slick automation, easy-to-use intranets, and auditable logs makes delivering the backbone of your ISO 27001 requirements so much easier.

Having an ISO 27001 certification tells the world you are serious about the security of sensitive information, so it isn’t just good practice; it’s essential if you want to grow your customer base. We can support you in creating an effective information security system that goes above and beyond what most companies have today. So, if you want to keep you and your data protected while giving you the freedom to grow, find out how we can help.

Eva Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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