7 reasons Local Governments are switching to SharePoint for records management

November 3rd 2022
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Most local and regional governments have thousands of staff members working across various services and departments. So when it comes to records management, you need to make sure all your documents are accessible anywhere, anytime, especially in the age of remote working. That’s where Microsoft’s SharePoint comes in!

Chances are, you already use Microsoft, but only the most innovative organisations are tapping deeper into Microsoft 365’s abilities. So, if you want to get the most out of your M365 license, you will have to turn to a Microsoft Partner like Encodian, particularly in SharePoint records management.

SharePoint is incredible for collaborative work, making it perfect for organisation document management, but records are a whole other game. Records management comes down to holding secure files that are rarely edited, which must be easy to search and retrieve. You must also demonstrate that you’re meeting compliance requirements through features like audit history, retention rules, user-based permissions and access. It’s here where SharePoint meets its challenges, and that’s why we created Filer. You can also find out more about how to use SharePoint effectively and efficiently for your business by talking to a SharePoint Consultant, you might even see a familiar name.

Filer, your SharePoint EDRMS

Designed with several public bodies, Filer enables local and regional governmental organisations to implement native Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Online EDRMS, saving them hundreds of thousands.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are seven reasons local governments are switching to SharePoint for records management.

1. All of your data in one place

data servers

Filer sits on top of SharePoint, meaning your data is stored within your Microsoft 365 environment. It’s just organised in a way for you to be able to search and view records with ease. Maintaining data and IT security in one environment is far easier than having multiple. And if you’re already using Microsoft 365 with all its best-in-class security options, it makes sense to consolidate!


2. Centralised data security and compliance


We know that data security is of the utmost importance for governmental organisations. And because Filer sits within your Microsoft Azure environment, you don’t need to worry about it! And when it comes to compliance, we not only adhere to your stringent viewing and editing user permissions, but we also ensure that your documents have retention and protection policies to prevent data loss.

Together we configure Filer following your Information Governance Policy and statutory and legislative requirements. We create the Information Architecture to ensure the system is configured with the correct metadata, classification structure, access types, and demographic information to suit the need of the department (e.g. Green Claims, Adults Social Care Services, Children’s Social Care Services, and more).


3. A friendly and familiar SharePoint EDRMS interface

Filer screenshot SharePoint EDRMs

Consistency is key! We have designed Filer, so your users won’t know where Filer starts, and SharePoint ends. The seamless transition from one to the other can only be realised through functionality rather than how it looks. Your users will be able to pick up Filer quicker than your average records management system. Filer is suited explicitly to providing digital ‘case files’ integrated with Line of Business systems (e.g. Liquid Logic).


4. Reduced licence and maintenance costs


Standard on-premises EDRMS are expensive, and we know governmental organisations need to pinch the pennies wherever possible. So by getting rid of costly legacy systems, you can spend your money where it’s needed.


5. A Cloud-first, modern technology platform

Person using laptop

With everything sitting in the Cloud, you can be sure that your staff can access the records they need anywhere, anytime. You won’t have to rely on substantial software updates to keep your organisation running!


6. A SharePoint EDRMS means seamless integration with all Microsoft 365 services

Microsoft apps

With Filer sitting in M365, you can use Teams and Outlook precisely as you would with SharePoint. You can even utilise the Power Platform to automate processes and save you even more time. We have solutions that can speed this process up, too, take a look at Flowr and Trigr.


7. Go paperless or paper-less with a SharePoint records management

Filing cabinet before having a SharePoint EDRMs

Although reducing paper usage is imperative for protecting the planet and hitting sustainability goals, it’s not the only reason we’re moving into a digitised society. Your employees can access digital documents anywhere, anytime, meaning a more efficient organisation. No more waiting for something to be searched for, scanned and sent over. Everything is at your fingertips.

If you need help with your digitisation project, we can help with that too! Filer’s open API allows for simplified and standards-based systems integration and natively supports industry-standard document scanning technology for delivering end-to-end digital solutions. We work with a host of scanning partners who can scan, process, classify and ingest paper documents directly into Filer.


To see these benefits in your organisation or to find out more about adopting an M365-native EDRM solution,

Contact us today!

Eva Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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