Microsoft Ignite 2023

November 21st 2023
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Microsoft Ignite 2023 has now started bringing us lots of new exciting announcements for Modern Work and the Power Platform! We have summarised the key announcements in this blog.

A big theme for the new announcements at Microsoft Ignite is Copilot, AI and how this is being added more to the apps and products we use daily. Copilot and AI introduce a new mindset for working by guiding and assisting users with tasks which otherwise may be lengthy or difficult to carry out. Copilot can also be a starting point for users to give them a head start with their tasks. For example, using Copilot to create a Power Automate flow from natural language saves them time and can also be a learning tool for new users of the product.

SharePoint Premium

Microsoft Syntex has been renamed to SharePoint Premium. The functionality developed from Syntex can be broken down into Content Experiences, Content Processing and Governance.

Content Experiences
  • Integrated File Viewer
    • Allows you to edit your documents from SharePoint
  • Business Document app in Teams
    • Work with high-value documents in Teams
    • Get insights and alerts about your documents
    • Build new contracts inside Microsoft Word and use AI to highlight risks
  • External Document Portal
Content Processing
  • AI to classify, tag and secure documents
  • SharePoint eSignature
    • Adobe and DocuSign are the chosen launch partners
Content Governance
  • Data Access Governance Insights
  • AI policy recommendations

For the full details of SharePoint Premium, please look at this Microsoft Blog post.

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Copilot for Microsoft 365

Copilot for M365 has been in GA since the beginning of November, bringing Copilot into M365 apps for Enterprise customers. New Copilot updates have been added to Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Word. One exciting new feature coming for administrators and IT leaders is the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, bringing insights into how employees are using AI and how it is affecting their productivity. This can help drive the adoption of the new AI tools available and measure the impact that Copilot is having in your workspace.

The full new functionality can be found in the Book of News.

Copilot Studio

Copilot Studio allows you to tailor Microsoft Copilots to your organisation’s unique processes and even allows you to make your own Copilots! The studio is built upon Power Virtual Agent technology, meaning that it is a low-code tool. You can tap into any system of record by using the hundreds of connectors already available within the Power Platform.

Building new Copilots works in the same way as building a Power Virtual Agent: you provide a trigger question, you point the Copilot to the right data source (actions) of where to look for the answer, and the studio can provide a response using OpenAI GPT technology.

This means Power Virtual Agents is now a part of the Copilot studio rather than a standalone Power Platform product.

Read more about the Copilot Studio here.

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Power Platform

The Power Platform has seen a lot of Copilot functionality added since the AI tools were first introduced, so there have been no major announcements for Power Apps and Power Automate at Microsoft Ignite 2023. The biggest change announced within the Power Platform is that Power Virtual Agents are now a part of the brand-new Copilot studio.

Copilot doesn’t affect Encodian’s Flowr functionality within Power Automate, so you can keep using it like before. More third-party connectors are starting to be recognised by Copilot to be suggested when using Copilot to create flows. Keep an eye out for when this is available for Flowr!

Power Automate
  • Copilot with RPA flows
  • Use Copilot to analyse automation activities and query past runs
Power Apps
  • Environment groups so different governance rules can be created for different groups within one environment.
  • Advisor in managed environments
    • Gives IT proactive suggestions and steps for governing and safeguarding these environments and the platform
    • Recommendations to remove unused apps
    • Stop over-shared apps from being shared
    • Add owners to abandoned apps
  • Copilot for app users as a sidecar
  • AI-generated app descriptions for both new and existing apps
  • Mobile native UI/UX
    • Smoother, faster performance when using apps on mobile devices
Power Virtual Agents
  • Now a part of Copilot Studio
Power Pages
  • Payment process integration
    • Make purchases from a Power Pages site

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To summarise, there have been lots of exciting announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2023 around Copilot, which unites Microsoft products with AI and continues Microsoft’s journey into the AI revolution that is here now!

Sophie Charlwood

Technical Evangelist

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