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Deploy Flows Across SharePoint

Make Power Automate Flows available across multiple and targeted SharePoint Online sites. Possible via a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Extension, users can access Flows from within SharePoint Online libraries and lists.

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  • Save Time

    The need to manually copy, maintain and deploy one Flow per SharePoint list and library wastes so much time. And when you're trying to automate your processes through Power Automate from within SharePoint Online, you quickly realise it is frustratingly limited.

    Trigr saves you time by removing the duplication allowing you to maintain one Flow available in all targeted SharePoint Online sites.

  • Take Back Control

    The Power Platform is a beneficial tool every department wants to get its hands on. However, without establishing best practices and governance, you could find your organisation has created new challenges in maintaining what has been released.

    Trigr helps to eliminate these problems by enabling you to develop Flows centrally, which are then shared across the organisation.

  • Make Automation Accessible

    With the standard tooling provided by Microsoft 365, your team will spend time developing and supporting duplicated Power Automate Flows, or there will still be pockets of your organisation manually carrying out repetitive tasks.

    Trigr allows you to reduce operational expenditure by building Flows once and sharing company-wide.

  • Demonstrate Return on Investment

    Automation projects are ideal for demonstrating ROI as there are always tangible benefits you can measure in time saved, costs cut, and errors reduced.

    Trigr allows you to run usage reports so you can see who, when and where your Flows have been activated to quantify these benefits.


Encodian Trigr allows you to build one Power Automate Flow and expose it to multiple SharePoint sites instantly.

  • Encodian Power Automate Trigger

    First to market, Trigr allows users to start Power Automate Flows from any chosen SharePoint site.

    View example

  • Trigr Administration

    Manage all your Trigr-related Flows with descriptions, run messages, titles and locations from the Encodian administration portal.

    View example

  • SharePoint Integration

    Users access your Flows from their familiar SharePoint Online interface thanks to our SPFx Extension.

    View example

  • Select Multiple Documents

    Enable your users to select one or more documents or list items simultaneously when launching Flows.

    View example

  • Dynamic Forms

    Build and configure dynamic forms to capture additional information from users on starting a Power Automate Flow.

    View example

  • Usage and Audit History

    View real-time usage reports and analytics to see by who, when and where your Flows were activated.

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  • 1. Do we require Encodian Flowr to use Encodian Trigr?

    The simple answer is no.

    While the two solutions for Power Automate by Encodian are seamlessly integrated, customers are able to utilise Trigr for any Power Automate flows. Not just those using Encodian connector actions!

  • 2. What happens when the trial period ends?

    Upon the expiration of your 30-day trial, you will be notified that your subscription to Trigr has ended and you will no longer be able to access the products functionality.

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  • 3. When does my credit renew?

    All subscription trigger allocations are renewed on the 1st day of the month. This is true even if you have created your trial mid-month.

  • 4. How can I purchase additional triggers?

    Additional triggers can be purchased self-service via the account portal or you can request a quote from 

  • 5. Can I cancel, downgrade or upgrade my subscription?

    Encodian Trigr has a minimum 1-Year subscription period.

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    Tier 3 and Custom plans allow you to choose from Encodian’s available Data Centre locations which are currently located in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia and Canada.

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  • 10. I'm a Microsoft Partner, can Trigr be tailored for our own product?

    We always welcome new partner conversation, and the tentative answer is yes, we’ve already explored developing iterations of Trigr purpose built to sit within our partners own SharePoint based solutions.

    Want to discuss further? Reach out to