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Apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to your PDF documents within SharePoint Online.

Who’s already benefiting from Encodian Indxr


  • Assure Discovery

    If a PDF document does not contain a text layer Microsoft 365 will be unable to access the information contained within the document, therefore document contents will not be searchable by your users.

    Assure discovery of your PDF by automatically applying Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to your PDF documents.

  • Compliance & Data Loss Prevention

    In addition to users not being able to search the contents of PDF document which have not been OCR'd, compliance logic and data loss prevention rules cannot be used to protect your organisations information.

    Assure regulatory compliance and data loss prevention by automatically applying Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to your PDF documents.


Encodian ‘Indxr’ allows the discovery and OCR of PDF files helds in SharePoint Online document libraries

  • Target Libraries or Individual Folders

    Perform OCR of PDF files at SharePoint document library or individual folder level, saving the resulting PDF in either the same or a different library.

    View example

  • Copy Metadata

    Copy the SharePoint metadata stored against your source PDF files to the target file during processing.

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  • Replicate File Permissions

    Replicate any unique file permissions to the target file once OCR is complete.

    View example

  • Force OCR

    Ensure all documents have a text layer added, regardless of whether a text layer already exists on the file.

    View example

  • Overwrite or Pre-Fix New Files

    Overwrite the source file during processing or pre-fix the new file with configurable text.

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What our clients say

Encodian Indxr can be utilised by all industries to locate content within their currently unsearchable PDF documents, simplifying regulatory compliance and enabling your digital transformation.

  • Guy Boosey

    Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

    "As an NHS Trust, it is essential that we have the highest level of support for our SharePoint deployment. Encodian excels with their knowledge and responsive customer service, and we’d always recommend them"

  • Vance Smith


    "Your technology has helped us successfully route almost 15,000 forms received from our customers saving over 400-man hours. Our company has derived tremendous value”

  • Amy Freeman

    Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust

    "We have invested in Microsoft cloud technology to dynamically deliver technology solutions in a rapidly changing environment. Encodian have been pivotal in enabling us to deliver and support solutions which deliver real benefits"

  • Bruno Simon

    Quebec Blue Cross

    “I'm delighted that we opted to invest in Encodian's Power Automate connector. Your support and responsiveness is first class and your product is technically excellent. We look forward to delivering enhanced automation solutions for our organisation”

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