• power automate email

    How to Inbox Zero with Flowr

    Inbox Zero is a popular productivity strategy that involves clearing your inbox so you can focus on critical emails. It might sound daunting, but it’s easier to achieve when you have the right tools for the job. That’s why we want to talk about how you can use Power Automate to sort your emails! Flowr, […]

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  • Deploy a Power Automate Flow to multiple SharePoint libraries or lists

    Although Power Automate and SharePoint are both Microsoft products, they don’t interact as well as any of us would like… But hopefully, you’ve already picked up some of our recent announcements regarding our new product ‘Trigr‘, which provides the following critical features for SharePoint and Power Automate integration: Expose a single Power Automate Flow to […]

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  • Trigr

    Trigr? What’s that?!

    So, what’s Trigr?  Trigr is a revolutionary new tool to save your team time through automations accessed directly from SharePoint. The clever thing is that with Trigr, you only need to deploy one Power Automate Flow per automation for all your SharePoint libraries and lists. How does Trigr deploy Flows to SharePoint?  To deploy Flows […]

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  • A woman on her computer frustrated whilst deploying Power Automate flows to SharePoint

    You’re deploying flows to SharePoint completely wrong.

    Do you know what most Power Automate experts say is their biggest issue when deploying Flows to SharePoint? Having to make a new damn Flow for every single SharePoint site. Even if it’s the exact same Flow…  Do you know what’s even worse than making a new Flow for each site? Maintaining them all. The average […]

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  • Trigr - Deploy Flows Across SharePoint

    Say Hello to Trigr: Deploy Flows Across SharePoint

    After months of hard work from the Encodian team, we are delighted to announce the release of our latest product Trigr.  Trigr enables you to make a single Power Automate flow available across all your SharePoint Online sites. It also introduces much-requested features such as multiple document selection and dynamic forms (which even includes a […]

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  • learn how to code: a woman in front on computer screens

    Learn how to code: 4 ways to get to where you want to be

    If you’re considering learning to code or are curious about it and want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a ton of buzz around getting into coding these days, and it’s easy to understand why. The market is growing, and the need for developers is rising. It’s been estimated that between […]

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