• Merge Excel and CSV Files with Power Automate

    Merge Excel and CSV Files with Power Automate

    We’ve recently release several new capabilities for Encodian Flowr, including the new ‘Merge Excel Files‘ action. The ‘Merge Excel Files‘ flow action enables you to merge up to 1000 Microsoft Excel files (and related formats) into a single file of the selected output format. The following file formats are supported for merging: XLSX XLSB XLST […]

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  • Convert Visio Files in Power Automate

    Convert Visio Files in Power Automate

    We have recently released a new ‘Convert Visio‘ action which provides the capability to convert Microsoft Visio file formats to the following file formats PDF, BMP, GIF, HTML, JPG, PNG, SVG, TIFF and VSDX. NOTE: This action may not yet be available within your region, Microsoft commenced worldwide deployment April 2022 and are due to […]

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  • The Best Resources for Learning Power Automate

    A set of Microsoft 365 Power Automate resources to help beginners or intermediates

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  • Power Automate Actions Slow to Error or Timeout

    Power Automate Actions Slow to Error or Timeout

    Unfortunately and hopefully seldomly! an action within your Power Automate flow could produce an error. We see a number of posts on the community forums, our own support service and general conversations with customers who report that errors take ‘forever’ to return, or that a flow becomes unresponsive and ‘times out’. Note: For this post […]

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  • Get Image File Information using Power Automate

    Our ‘Get PDF Document Information‘ action has been available for a while. The action exposes information about a PDF file within Power Automate, enabling automation logic to be executed considering information about the PDF document provided, for example validating whether a file contains a text layer before performing OCR. Today we’re really pleased to introduce […]

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  • Convert a PDF file to images with Power Automate

    We’ve been working really hard over the past few months adding performance optimizations and 10+ new actions to the Encodian connector. At the time of writing these new actions are now available on Encodian’s (Azure PaaS hosted) global cloud platform, and Microsoft are updating Power Automate to make these new actions available to all regions; […]

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