Microsoft Document Management System

Filer enables organisations to use SharePoint Online as their robust document and records management system by adding structure, compliance and an intelligent document viewer that simply cannot be delivered out-of-the-box.

For organisations looking to exploit their existing Microsoft 365 investment as an EDRMS, Filer is your answer.

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Filer’s Top Features

Intelligent Document Viewer

Our HTML 5 document viewer allows users to select and view all documents relating to a context from a single view. Supporting over 70+ file formats it removes the need for users to open up multiple applications.

Configurable Sections for Navigation

Present documents in a configurable and structured context, allowing a user to seamlessly explore records relating to the context. Covering any context; HR Files, Patient Records, Finance, Legal, Projects, Accounts, etc.

Search & Refinement

Enable users to quickly find the relevant documents in large cases through ‘Free Text’ search and configurable search refiners. For example, a user could very quickly locate all ‘Approved’ ‘Contracts’ ‘Created’ in the last 90 days.

Digital Briefcase

Create digital briefcases to easily share documents with internal or external parties with granular security and retention controls. Ideal for scenarios such as Subject Access Requests, Audits or simply controlling your access sharing processes.

Annotation, & Redaction

Users can annotate and redact documents from within the user interface to avoid opening third-party solutions like Adobe. Any changes will not compromise the underlying record assuring regulatory compliance.

Records Management

Building upon Microsoft SharePoint standard records management capabilities, Encodian Filer adds support for complex retention schedule rules which cannot be served by the standard Microsoft offerings.

Automated Document Filing and OCR

Assure that documents are consistently OCR’d and filed in the correct location using the configurable metadata document routing engine. This assures that documents can be easily found and the correct retention schedules are always applied.

Automatic Document Conversion

Enable automatic document format conversion (PDF/A) for automatically filed documents to comply with common records management, archive and regulatory compliance practices.

No Code Integration

Automatically attach business data to document metadata through no-code integration. For example, automatically add patient demographic data to filed documents, enabling automatic filing and complex retention schedule assignment.

Audit & Reporting

Our advanced audit engine captures all user and administrative actions enabling advanced reporting. Records managers are also provided with common regulatory reports above SharePoint’s standard capabilities.

Outlook Integration

Seamlessly save emails and email attachments to Encodian Filer directly from within Microsoft Outlook. Creating a simple workflow for users regularly exchanging documents by email.

Break Glass

Break Glass allows for highly confidential documents to be accessed in the event of an emergency by sharing a clear reason which will be stored in an audit trail. Users will then have time restricted access to these documents. This feature can be turned on/off for specific use-cases.


  • Built on top of your existing Microsoft 365 investment
  • Cloud-based solution available on all devices and browsers
  • All documents and data remain within your Microsoft environment
  • More cost-efficient than third-party EDRMS
  • Faster implementation compared to bespoke SharePoint configurations
  • Simplified support compared to bespoke SharePoint configurations

Our old document storage solution held us back for years. Encodian Filer is the perfect solution to provide modern tools and flexibility to our university.

Bob Dennis

The Masters University

Encodian Filer atop SharePoint Online has enabled the council to accelerate delivery of our digital transformation programme by easing our users’ acceptance of change due to the powerful features and speed of access to digital corporate records.

IADM Programme Manager

Cheshire East Council

How Filer improves SharePoint

Filer is an enterprise-grade add-on for SharePoint Online which delivers an enhanced solution for managing, classifying and accessing documents, delivering a superior end-user experience that is easy to maintain.


Clunky viewing experience

Missing metadata or misfiled documents

Limited Outlook integration

Bespoke third-party integrations

Complex to build and maintain

Minimal support for scanned documents

Minimal PDF manipulation

Automated retention and disposition (only available with E5 licensing plans)



Organised classification structure with intuitive viewer

Automated metadata capture and document routing

Outlook App for email/attachment filing

OpenAPI and standard Power Automate connector

Easily scaled with inclusive support and updates

Direct ingestion of scanned documents

Annotation, redaction and conversion for PDFs

Automated retention and disposition

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Not at all – SharePoint has some fantastic tools for productivity and collaboration you will still utilise.

Yes – Encodian Filer provides the ‘Send to Filer’ action which allows direct document and content submission from any source using Power Automate (which works with any Microsoft licensing).

Power Automate

Power Apps or Microsoft Forms, in fact, anything! It’s fully integrated into Power Automate, allowing data to be consumed from pretty much anywhere.

As part of the Microsoft 365 platform, you will be able to use Purview’s capabilities. In addition to this, Filer has the capability to redact and share specific documents with third parties with the Briefcas feature.

Only the higher tiers of Microsoft licensing such as E5 provide this out of the box where Filer would respect any configurations setup. Organisations without access to E5, would use Filer’s built-in engine which bridges this gap in functionality for E1 and E3 users.

Filer has an OpenAPI – almost all modern-day systems will be capable of API integrations.

All your data never leaves your Microsoft tenant and therefore, all your IT Governance settings apply to Filer.

Yes, please reach out to us directly to work with you to provide an appropriate environment.