Process Mining Analytics with Copilot

January 11th 2024
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There are now lots of different Copilot and AI features available within Power Automate, one of the newest being Copilot in Process Mining process analytics. This feature allows you to analyse your Power Automate flows and hopefully identify how you can amend your flow to be more efficient. Additionally, you could opt to ask Copilot-specific questions about the optimisations.  This feature is currently in preview, meaning the capabilities may change before General Release.

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Where to start

You can access Process Mining straight from your flow in Power Automate.

how to access process mining

If it is the first time running Process Mining for that flow, it will take a few minutes to gather the data. Once it has loaded, you will be able to see your report.


The summary report gives a nice overview of your flow, covering:

  • Average and mean run durations
  • Percentage of times your flow has failed or succeeded
  • Version run count
  • Number of paths, runs and actions

summary report


Copilot is available throughout the review, where you can ask questions about:

  • Your flow and process
  • Process mining
  • Areas in the report
  • General Power Automate tips

This is the type of response Copilot will give you if you ask for top-level insights about your flow:

top level insights

The Map page goes into more detail about the frequency, performance and rework of the flow. Let’s ask Copilot what each of these mean:

frequency copilot answer


The map views can help you identify exactly where things are occurring in your flow. The thicker the arrows shown, the higher the frequency. The worst performing and the highest rework areas of the process. Visualising this can help you improve the efficiency of your flow by addressing these areas. This is a part of the performance map:

snippet of the performance map

It’s worth noting some of the performance differences are valid; for example, initiating a variable is going to execute quicker than converting a 100-page document to another format.

Copilot Suggests

You can also ask Copilot for suggestions on how to improve your flow. Depending on the wording of your suggestion, the response may contain specific points for this flow and call out actions and steps used, or the response may be more generic with general tips on how to improve Power Automate performance. You can also be more specific when asking Copilot for advice and ask about one of your actions. We can see from the process map above that the Convert Word action has been highlighted with a long duration. This is the response from Copilot when asking how to reduce the time of this action:

Variant DNA

Finally, you can view the Variant DNA of your flow, which provides a visualisation of the differences between versions of the current flow. This area can help identify loops and non-compliant processes by easily visualising how the flow has been running.

For a more detailed explanation of each area within Process Mining, please look at the Microsoft documentation here.

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Sophie Charlwood

Technical Evangelist

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