How safe is my data?

August 2nd 2022
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Data security is a hot topic, and we understand why! We take your data protection as seriously as we take our own; that’s why we always keep everything within Microsoft. 

Being a Microsoft Partner has its perks; we solely use Microsoft Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service), which means your data never leaves a Microsoft Datacentre and is governed by Azure security throughout the entire process lifecycle.

So, what’s your data’s journey when I use Flowr? 

Suppose you’re on a Free, Standard, Midsize or Large subscription when you trigger a Flowr action within Power Automate. We encrypt your data and send it to your quickest Encodian-based Microsoft Azure Datacentre (UK, Germany, USA, Canada, or Australia). From there, we process your action and wipe your data. Encodian never sees any of it, then it’s re-encrypted and sent back to you. 

Your data never leaves Microsoft

It’s that simple! However, if you want to choose a specific geolocated Azure Datacentre to process your information, we suggest you consider our Enterprise subscription 

How we keep your data safe 

So, you know that working with an Encodian connector, you are as safe as when you work within your own Microsoft Azure environment. But if you don’t want your data to leave your infrastructure, we can cater to this with our Dedicated subscription 


For a more in-depth look into data processing, check out our Data Security and Privacy article on our Encodian Knowledge Base or our Data Processing Agreement. 

We hope that clears everything up for you about what happens to your data. All that’s left is to do is… 🚀 get automating for free today! 

Ev Luna-Rose

Content Marketing Manager

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